Audio Equals Video: True or False?
Audio is definitely 50% of video and as a film maker you cannot afford to screw on audio. The mics onboard cameras are next to useless especially the ones on camcorders and DSLR’s
Talking about audio especially for indie film maker or amateurs wanting to go to the next level as well as DSLR shooters could be a little tricky and expensive especially when on a budget or zero budget as the case may be. There are so many audio recorders and mics that tend to be on the expensive side, may be not for some established production houses but for some of us just starting out the prices of some products just make you feel you are in the wrong profession. Never mind, the trick to staying within your budget is to use your creativity to a very large extent rather than depending on gadgets to do the work.
One great and affordable tool for audio recording is the Rode video mic manufactured in Australia. This mic might not be the best mic in the market butsincerely, it will get the job done real good and when you apply your creativity it will deliver almost same quality as other mics that are seven times the price and even win you awards. One great way of using your creativity to achieve great audio is to minimise dialogue in long shots or very long shots. The closer you are to your subject the better audio you get therefore record dialogues at medium to close up shots and reserve long shot to establish scenes or actions that do not require dialogue. The great news is the rode video mic picks good audio up to 20 feets away.
The Rode video mic is solidly built and very compact that it sits comfortably well on camcorders and DSLR’s. it’s shock mounts are so perfect that it doesnt allow the mic pick up sounds that occur from your camera such as when focusing or zooming or carring out other camera settings while recording (another trick is to avoid adjusting too much settings while recording, I will discuss how to do that in future posts) The mic is very compact that it will never get into your shots even while attached on your camera. However the shock mounts are held together by some rubber strings that do cut off but rubber bands will do the job so be creative!
The deep bass that the rode video mic records makes your project sound very professional and rich. Audio is one thing that sets professional production apart from amatuer and this is what the rode video mic will help you achieve with the rich deep sound it picks up even at some distance away.
The rode video mic is very directional and it will pick up sound from the direction you point it therefore eleminates sound you dont want. Attach the rode video mic to a boom pole and you will be amazed what a great mic this is as this will help capture audio/ dialogue even with your camera at some distance. Using a wide angle lens will also help capture your subject with some surroundings so it doesn’t appear as if you are too close to the subject.
HIGH POWER EFFICIENCY  The rode video mic is very efficient with power as it seems to last forever on a 9volts battery. A mic that has its own battery helps preserve the battery life of your camera especially when you are on a long shoot away from power source. I have being using the battery in mine for some time now and its never stopped.
Comparing the rode video mic to other mics such as the H4n it definitely saves time and headaches in post as you dont have to sync sound because it captures sound straight to the camera. However for those that prefer to record sound seperateley the rode video mic is still very efficeint in to help capture sound to picture that will serve as guide for you to lay the seperate sound on top.
The rode video mic is very lightweight that I go everywhere with it. Even on days that I am out just to take pictures i have the mic with me its so portable and very useful that fro the price it feels like a steal.
The rode video mic works perfectly well both indoor and outdoor compared to other expensive condenser mics that are aimed at mainly outdoor recording. This feature make the mic an everyday mic for an indie film maker struggling on budget and wants to deliver quality projects.
The Rode video mic connects to cameras through a 3.5mm jack which most camcorders and DSLR’s have thereby makes the mic very easy to use or connect
Conclusively, the rode video mic is plastic and this might make some people a little scared but hey you are not going to be banging the mic around, so for the price and the functions especially the quality of sound it captures, the Rode video mic is definitely the mic for those that wish to take their sound recording to the next level without having to pay for quality through their nose.