Behind the scene

This is my very first job after series of film courses with no experience but with very high passion and an I can do attitude I convinced the client that I can deliver a video project for his track last year and he believed me and just like that i was on set shooting him with my DSLR. Thanks to Soji Ogunnaike who introduced me to the world of DSLR’s as i was sceptical at the time I was starting out as per how to get started and what equipments to use etc. I was blessed to stumble on Soji’s name on the internet and i decided to email him. The email was followed up with a phone call and ever since that first email and call i have never stopped getting in touch with him, just as he has never for once showed reluctance to answer my queries anytime of the day. What a wonderful fellow he is.
The equipments used on this project were a glidecam HD2000, Canon60D, Reflector, two soft box lights and a work lamp. I newly acquired the glidecam and had barely any experience using it asides chasing my wife around the house with the glidecam just to get my hands on it before the music video shoot. Anyway you can see the shakes at the start of the video while i was gliding through the trees from 0.13secs to around 0.25secs but i guess the glidecam was more stable at 1.14secs. I used the glidecam extensively on the outside shots and i enjoyed it. You can also check out ‘Paranormal Temptation’ on my website a short film i shot using just the glidecam no tripod shot at all except when i wanted to get the ghost jump effect, all other shots was on the glidecam. I definitely put some planning into the project ahead of the shoot as i made the client take me to the locations before the actual shot so i could storyboard and plan my shots and camera movements ahead.
As soon as we got to the location i knew i would have the client sit at the entrance to mime the first verse of the song since it is a reflection of his sad past so it would make him look like he is telling tales by moon light and there he is at 0.30secs singing about his past love life. On the shoot day the client turned up with his friends just as we had agreed to help cut costs and i had to figure out who would be good at doing what among his friends and alas i picked the right lady to act as his ex lover who chased him out of the flat at 0.38sec which i think she did pretty well. One of the main challenges was with the girl that played the new lover as she could not cope with the long hours of shoot and the stress of moving from one location to the other and by the time we got to the pool side she got really exhausted, thats the reason she did not appear much in the pool scene. Hope someone can write a post on getting the best out of actors so we can share his or her experience and hopefully get the best from our talents.
Additionally, I had some lighting issues at the pool side but luckily I had a 500 watts work lamp with me so i threw it in it was helpful though had to use the reflector to help spread more lights on the characters and also cheated by bouncing off lights at the pool so they also reflected on the characters. I took advantage of the scenes and people present on location to help deliver the project. I used passersby and on lookers to participate in the shoot. The girl in bikini at 3.03 was on holiday from America and came to spend some time at the pool but i convinced her to join in the shoot which she did and actually delivered well at the pool. Also at 3.47mins the white couple are tourists from Greece who saw us filming and loved our courage and decided to be in the shot. Lest i forget, at 0.59secs there were instances the background shots were over exposed due to my lack of experience at the time for camera settings and white balancing, but hey i do see some shots on BBC that are over exposed!!!
Furthermore, post production was handled by my brother from another mother Justice John who did a great job using Sony vegas for rough cuts, after effects for the tracking of the name title at 0.14, premiere pro for final cuts and magic bullets for colour correction. Justice did a brilliant job in post while i sat beside him deciding on what looks best at every shot and cut. You can check out some of the behind the scenes pictures on our facebook page
Finally, I encourage you guys especially new guys just starting out to never under estimate the power behind a positive mind, just go out there even with a camera phone and deliver your dream projects. Never look at your obstacles rather see them as challenges that you will overcome, have the believe that budgets will not stop you and that’s it. Thanks to everyone who made this project possible, thanks to KSHY (the client). We all had a great relationship working on this music video and KSHY has featured on my drama movie ‘MISCONCEPTION’ though still in the making but you can find out more about the movie at Please press the like button on our facebook page Turn flicks and Misconception even if you hate us the more reason you should punch the like button real hard so i can feel your beef for me.
Thanks y’all and happy filming!