Big Revelation

Over the years I got carried away and stopped updating the blog posts to my website. It even got to a point that I completely forget to update some finished video projects done for clients to the website.
I must confess I got busy producing videos for clients, collaborating on various projects, creating video contents and making ‘Nollywood’ movies which is the core reason for setting up this production company in the first place. I got busy and got carried away to the point I neglected the website.
However, as fate would have it, I am currently studying Sound for the Moving Image at The prestigious Glasgow School of Arts and one of the assingments is to create a blog and update the blog on weekly basis!
It is true ‘you can run but you can’t hide’ so no better time to update my abandoned blog and start making the website shine!
There you have it, the big revelation! Looking forward to upload some exciting things I am working on over the next few weeks.
Bye for now.