Good Looks No Brains?

Good Looks, No Brain?
Your movie might look great but without a compeling storyline, it’s worthless. Majority of audience neither know what depth of field is nor do they appreciate the quality difference between a red camera or a consumer camcorder, so why waste time chasing money for a red camera. I know a part of you just collapsed inside but my aim is to direct your attention to your story telling and make movies story oriented rather than wasting energy setting up a flambouyant set with complicated lighting and camera movements that take away your attention from the story which is the basis of every movie, afterall every movie starts with a script and every script starts with a word not cameras.

The bitter truth is nobody will watch your movie if the audio is poor. No matter how great looking your pictures are if they can’t be heard thats the end of it. Your audio can screw your investments in seconds. Therefore on top of a great story you need a smashing audio.
Conclusively guys pay more attention to your story and audio and free yourself from the wieght of having the best camera in the world.
Happy Filming.