Director of The Mirror Boy Obi Emelonye shares some tips and advice at The African Film Festival Edinburgh.
I was carried away in the mood of my birthday celebration that i left my canon 60D in the hotel room before going for the screening of The Mirror Boy at the African Film Festival Edingburgh. The Mirror Boy is actually a step up of African Films and after the screening the great Director Obi shared some tips and advice, and I stood lost without my camera to record Obi’s advice. However in my lost moments i felt a hand go into my pocket to reach for my iphone and of course it was my wife, before i could say a word she pushed the record button and I (in the yoruba hat ontop jacket) started asking the great Director Obi Emelonye some budding questions.
Enjoy the clips shot by my wife who has never handled a video recording camera before and hope we all learn from her that nothing should hold us back in this age and time from making the movies of our dreams so long as we have the passion. You dont have to wait till you have a Red camera before you make your movie, go out there with any gadget big or small and be bold enough to push the record button so far you have a story to tell just tell it in a compelling way that someone will connect with you. Dont be surprised the person that connects with your story might buy you a Red camera to shoot your next project.
Happy filming guys