We are a SCIO registered organization driven by passion for the advancement of the Arts, Heritage, Culture and Education through the formation of a network where undiscovered & less privileged talents come together to create and try their hands on Film & TV productions in order to gain practical experience in film-making, editing, photography, music & audio production, fashion design, make up artistry, graphics design and digital new media etc.

Turn Flicks is the first organisation making Nollywood films in Scotland. Nollywood – a film industry based in English-speaking Africa, specifically Nigeria, established in the 1990s as a commercial alternative to the traditional Francophile cinema. A typical Nollywood film tells the story that relates directly to the daily strives of its audience.
Nollywood is the cinema of Nigeria and has metamorphosed into a $5billion industry in one of the world’s poorest countries by creating something out of nothing.
We aim to adopt the Nollywood strategy to grow the African creative community in Scotland and use this medium to create wealth and improve lives of African Diaspora in Scotland.

We engage the African, Scottish and other ethninc minority groups from Scotland to tell unique African-UK based stories and showcase the diaspora in Scotland to the established Nollywood market and audience while showcasing Afro-Scottish Culture, talents and delivering positive motivating life messages. We also work closely with Scottish organizations interested in showing internationally recognised films from Africa to Scottish audience.

As a creative organisation we use the media of film to develop and improve soft and hard skills to create career based opportunities in the creative industry and the wider community. We also use film as a tool to highlight, educate, build confidence, promote personal development and inform the community on many of the challenging issues still faced in society, as a means of confronting, challenging and empowering positive change.

Our Vision: To enable human development and wealth creation in Africa and Scotland, through the power of creativity, theatre, and film.

Our Mission: To advance the Arts, Heritage, Culture and Education.

In addition to our own consumer targeted UK-Nollywood film productions, we embark on film and video productions for the wider communities and individuals that is uniquely positioned through our previous and current works and our strategic relationships with creative organisations such as Africa in Motion Film Festival, GMAC skills & talent development center Glasgow, Scottish Screen Writers, African Forum Scotland, Next Step Initiative and many other private businesses and individuals to mention a few.

We engage our relationship with these organisations to harness a pool of undiscovered talents in Scotland.
Turn Flicks deliver comprehensive projects in the form of:
– High Definition Cinema/Film,
– Commercials,
– Music Videos,
– Documentaries,
– Corporate Events Coverage, and
– Personal Video’s including weddings, promo and training videos.

Turn Flicks is currently leveraging these relationships to deliver media services in order to build a brand, develop talented networks, and gain revenue to support future media productions. Our community based relationships help us to truly understand the needs of the businesses we work with to be able to deliver bespoke video solutions for greater impact.


We deliver High Definition cinema/film, commercials, music videos, documentaries, corporate event coverages including weddings, training videos etc.

Turn Flicks understands business needs and delivers bespoke video solution to give your investment the extra boost it deserves.

Call us: 07576902524 or +441415567373 for an absolutely free creative consultation!

TURN FLICKS, specializes in high definition (1080p) video  production for TV broadcast, internet distribution, promotion etc. Companies, Corporate Organizations, Recording Artists, Bands, Choir and  Individuals world wide have fun working with us. We deliver projects on film, video, motion graphics, time-lapse, 3D animation. We also go the extra mile to carry out  underwater filming to give your video the extra niche it deserves.

WE engage the latest technology, tested and trusted talents with years ofproduction experience as cast and crew members. TURN FLICKS is dedicated to writing, directing, shooting, and editing feature films, commercials and music videos.

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